We will transform the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence, and be recognized by employees, physicians, patients, volunteers.


Guided by a relentless focus on our five core values, we will always strive to implement continuous improvements necessary to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence throughout the company, while meeting or exceeding our commitments to our clients. Our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be crafted by the core values that are shared by all Reliance employees. Reliance Will provide business transforming communication, collaboration and ongoing services solutions that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for our customers to be the FIRM OF CHOICE for our clients and consultants by consistently providing quality solutions delivered through a TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS which excels at communication and leadership, helping make your life easier

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Reliance Corporation Introduction

Reliance Corporation Private Ltd has been serving as the system integrator to various organizations since last decades. Reliance strength lies in their Human Resource with zeal commitment and team approach to provide the state-of-the-art solutions serving comprehensive needs of businesses. We are focus oriented, process centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions and products for its customers. Reliance is a firm more focused on serving the comprehensive needs of business in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals Reliance is more reliable of offer a more balanced quality service than many of its competitors both as a consulting firm as well as a system integrator.


To continue to be the leader in the distribution of computer systems, software, networking products and by providing the combination of effective innovative approach with up-to-date technologies, to accomplish the inarticulate needs of the customers and achieving maximum market share for our Principals.


Reliance Corporation meets market needs with strategically selected products across multiple platforms with dedicated Product Managers who are committed to develop the product to its fullest potential and reap maximum gains. Reliance Corporation invests Technical Team and helps resellers and end customers master technology and technological developments.


At Reliance Corporation we anticipate industry trends rather than follow them. Today, Reliance Corporation strong market presence, maximum market penetration and market leadership help represent world renowned leaders in each product segment, and we provide the most comprehensive product range in each segment. The best products deserve the best company and Reliance Corporation is the best.


Reliance Corporation represents only a strategically selected line of products to their customers and partners. Reliance Corporation offers only the best products from the best companies in the market today and we give full attention to the needs of both our Principals and Resellers in each product platform.


Reliance Corporation has the commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way. Reliance Corporation has an effective innovative approach towards the technology, which is user friendly.


Collaboration is one of the core values of Reliance Corporation. The core business of Reliance Corporation is to act as a dealer, trader, buyer and seller. With effective communication and collaboration Reliance Corporation is competing to be one of the best upcoming company in the market.

Reliance Corporation

Committed with the promise to bringing the best innovative technologies and products to their professionals and consumers around the world.


Reliance Corporation represents only a strategically selected line of products to their customers and partners. Reliance Corporation offers only the best products from the best companies in the market today and we give full attention to the needs of both our Principals and Resellers in each product platform.


Reliance Corporation as a consulting company providing services in RF, PR Consultants, Transmission, Network, Complete Project & Resource Management, HR Outsourcing.


We have been working as the system integrator with different multi-national principals around the globe. Our inductive reasoning aptitude enables us to understand the project feasibility.


We have been working as the system integrator with different multi-national principals around the globe. Our inductive reasoning aptitude enables us to understand the project feasibility.


Reliance Corporation provide the services of project management consultancy having all the knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management.


One of the leading concepts these days is TMV. Reliance Corporation with their sister concern has been working for Telemedicine Vehicles. Telemedicine Vehicle (TMV) is a unique and innovative solution which can cater to emergency situations.


Reliance Corporation has been working with their International Partners, providing the development of reprography techniques and the growing involvement of criminal organizations are making the counterfeiting of printed documents increasingly accessible. Only the most cutting-edge technologies can secure sensitive documents.


Today’s complex, interconnected data center. The nexus of every connected and growing business. Like the users it supports, your data center must be efficient and agile, intelligent, cost-effective and future ready. It must deliver continuous business value and ensure you can meet the needs of your evolving enterprise. We offer the following services: DATA CENTER, DISASTER RECOVERY SYSTEM, SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT, SOFTWARE LICENSING.


Our Electronic Voting System (EVS) provides valuable improvements compared to the present voting system through an automated, secure and transparent process of elections. This should be done in a manner that there is no linkage between the voter and the ballot paper. Our solution includes two major components: Authentication (online and offline mode), Vote Casting Solution.


Reliance along with its associated international partnerships has been an infrastructure development company with offices in Pakistan, UAE & Africa. We have over 2.5 decades of experience in building critical infrastructure projects in mentioned regions. We are a business group based in Pakistan & Middle East operating in the infrastructure capacity building domain in the region. Our core business includes the following services:LED Lights, Solar LED Lights, Solar & LNG Plants, Gas & Smart Meters.


Reliance Oil & Gas is an emerging company in the sector of Oil & Gas, we are oil & gas exploration, Production Company focused on drilling and mining. Our primary areas of operation is the Oil & Gas Sector of Pakistan, we focus on unlocking new hydrocarbon systems and growing and maturing discovered basins through follow-on exploration success, development and production. We are successful in finding and developing oil & gas, and in striking a new balance between risk and reward. These qualities have allowed us to explore areas other companies thought were too risky compared with potential rewards.


Surveillance, Command and Control, Analog and IP Cameras solution, Secure Access Control: Reliance has extensive, hands-on experience in conceiving, designing, implementing and operationalizing smart card based enterprise level Access Control projects. Personnel Access Control System (PACS) Vehicle Access Control System (VACS) Enrolment & Data Acquisition including biometrics Smart Card printing and personalization. Visitor Management RFID windshield vehicle tags personalization Smart Card Encryption Video Surveillance. Biometric physical access control solutions.


Assembling, installation and Supply of Electronic Boards: HD LED Display is ideally suited for use in Video Monitoring Command Centers, Radio and Television, Station High-Level Video Conferencing, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Stores and other places. It replaces seamless LCD and DLP projection display products, providing customers with high quality display solutions suitable for information display, brand promotion, advertising, etc. The LED application product solution provided by Reliance has full range and structure diversification, its products cover LED full color display for indoor and outdoor.


Describes the network of physical objects “things” that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.


We can customize logistic solutions to handle your complete supply chain and optimize your time. Regardless of what your transportation needs are, rely on us so that you can focus on what you do best.


Bid management is the process by which the completion of PQQs and ITTs is managed. It is everything from ensuring compliance, to responding to questions. The process begins even before the release of a potential contract.



Reliance Corporation is an IT consulting and Systems development/Integration firm with a focus on customized, enterprise level Identity and Security management systems using the latest biometric, cryptographic and RFID technology.Our job as a systems integrator, software and hardware solutions provider, reinforced with our consultancy experience has forced us to be in touch with the leading technology players of the industry. Reliance operates in biometric verification, ICT Services, homeland security, branchless banking sector, (secure transactions with biometric enabled Point of Sales solutions), and healthcare sector to name a few. Our team has successfully designed, implemented and managed secure travel and identification systems for governments and large organizations, including but not limited to ID Cards, e-governance Systems, Secure Access Control Systems, Interactive Data Acquisition Solutions, Biometric Verification Systems, Biometric Enrollment System IT Consultancy, Online Biometric Time And Attendance System, Biometrics/Smart Cards/RFIDs/Registration, Project Management, Advisory Services, Computer Services/IT.

About Us

We have been technical support provider to the local & International partners. We provide legal, technical and project management consultancies for local as well as International partners. We have all the required expertise and intimate knowledge of working with all the relevant technology. Reliance Corporation is one of Asia’s largest distributors of computer systems, software, peripherals and networking products headquartered in Islamabad with offices and distribution centers in Global Market. Reliance Corporation distribution network is undoubtedly one of the most extensive in Asia, with cumulative expertise and experience and a well-established network of more than 10,000 resellers, corporate dealers, VAR, system integrators and OEMs. Reliance Corporation provide manufacturers immediate access of the world’s fastest growing region Asia. More importantly, Reliance Corporation is strategically located throughout the region and has a thorough understanding of each country’s economy, culture and regulatory environment.

Reliance Capability

We offer a wide range of business solutions including business opportunities and risk management, to meet the needs of clients in a professional and procedural manner. Services are provided for supporting investment decisions to maximize returns (ROI) or minimize risks, on which ultimate business success is based. We provide Business Consultancy Services in the following domains:
Strategy Planning Growth Strategy
Business Planning Implementation Strategy
Sales and Marketing Model Process Management
Viability Analysis Merger and Acquisition
Infrastructure Requirement Analysis


Reliance Corporation has been a technical support provider to the local and International partners.

We successfully design, implement and manage secure travel and identification systems for governments and large organizations. We have established state of art service center of trained manpower. Reliance Corporation provides IT consultancy with focus on customized, enterprise level identity and security management system

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